What is the wind power flange?


Wind power flange is a structural part connecting each section of tower cylinder or tower cylinder and wheel hub, wheel hub and blade, usually connected by bolts.

The material used in the wind power flange is low alloy high strength steel Q345E/S355NL, the lowest working temperature is close to -40℃, and the maximum wind power can reach level 12. The heat treatment requirement is normalizing. The normalizing process improves the comprehensive mechanical properties of the forged flange by refining the grain, homogenizing the structure, improving the structure defects and improving the comprehensive mechanical properties of the forged flange. The degree of normalizing has a great influence on the microstructure, and the appropriate temperature makes the grain fine, so as to get good performance. If the temperature is too low, the effect is not great. If the temperature is too high, the grain size is coarse, and the Weihtenstein structure is easy to form, so that the performance decreases. The mechanical property test and microstructure observation of the forging flange before and after the normalization process were carried out. The results show that the flange with better comprehensive mechanical properties can be obtained by the proper normalization process.

Wind power flange
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