The application areas of ring forgings


Diesel engine ring forging: A type of diesel engine forging, diesel engine Diesel engine is a kind of power machinery, it is commonly used as an engine. Take large diesel engine as an example, the forgings used are cylinder head, spindle neck, crankshaft end flange output end shaft, connecting rod, piston rod, piston head, crosshead pin shaft, crankshaft drive gear, ring gear, intermediate gear and dye oil pump body, etc. More than ten kinds.
Marine ring forgings: Marine forgings are divided into three categories, main engine forgings, shafting forgings and rudder forgings. Main engine forgings are the same as diesel engine forgings. Shafting forgings include thrust shaft, intermediate shaft and stern shaft. Rudder system forgings include rudder rod, rudder post, rudder pin, etc.
Ordnance ring forgings: Forgings occupy an extremely important position in ordnance industry. By weight, 60% of the tanks are forgings. The barrel, muzzle brake and gun tail in artillery, rifling barrel and three-edge bayonet in infantry weapon, rocket and submarine deep-water bomb launcher and fixed seat, stainless steel valve body, shell and bullet for nuclear submarine high-pressure cooler, etc., are all forged products. Weapons are made of materials other than steel forgings.
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