The introduction of pipe fittings


Pipe fittings are the general term for opening, closing and adjusting devices installed on pipes and equipment. It is generally divided into two categories: water distribution accessories and control accessories. Water distribution accessories such as various spouts installed in sanitary appliances and water points to regulate and distribute the flow of water. Control accessories are used to adjust water quantity, water pressure, judge water flow, change the direction of water flow, such as gate valve, check valve, float ball valve, etc.
Pipe fittings and tools are free connections between various pipe fittings and pipes. It includes the interface of the pipe fittings body, the pipe and the connecting parts with it. The characteristics of pipeline accessories and tools are continuous online production, less investment in equipment, with economic, practical, aesthetic. Classification of pipe accessories and tools: According to use, it is divided into general pipe accessories and tools, galvanized pipe accessories and tools, oxygen blowing pipe accessories and tools, automotive pipe accessories and tools, transformer pipe accessories and tools. Pipeline accessories and tools are widely used in petroleum, chemical, medicine, food, machinery, aerospace, construction, military, hardware, boiler gas, plumbing devices, ships, power plants and other industries.

Pipe fittings