How to flat weld flange?


It is often seen that the purchase of flat welding flange products has a direct impact on the production cost of the manufacturer's products, and there are more considerations to be taken into account. For example, product features, application fields, etc., are all aspects that can be referred to. I will tell my friends more information about the product below.

1. Suitable for application in low pressure field

In the process of purchasing products, we should pay attention to whether the sealing process of the product is exquisite. Nowadays, the production and processing level is rapidly improving, so the flat welding flange products of professional manufacturers have the advantage of not easy to leak in the sealing. Compared with other types of flange products, this product is mainly used in low pressure and not obvious vibration scenarios.

2, simple installation and reasonable price

Since the flat welding flange can not be welded with tee and elbow pipe fittings, more attention should be paid to the selection of construction materials, and the straight pipe section can be used for installation. The fact that it can be installed without complicated technology and at a reasonable price is also a key factor in its popularity in the market.

3. Manufacturers with complete specifications and models

Products with many advantages and a wide range of applications have better market sales, while professional manufacturers have one-stop strength, and complete specifications to meet the advantages of different buying needs. Because the spare parts of flat welding flange can be reduced by pressure, and get corresponding adjustment, it is a good solution to the problem of difficult product selection.

As a product with similar performance characteristics to butt welding flanges, flat welding flanges are quite different from each other in terms of usage, shape and so on. Some customers think that the two can replace each other, which is a wrong idea.

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